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Bradford Group Consulting & Staffing has the single focus of rapidly and accurately filling requirements. We keep our clients appraised throughout the hiring cycle and provide prompt feedback on interviews and offers. Staff members are accessible and quickly respond to questions, issues and requests for information.

 Direct, In-depth Approach

As an established information technology staffing company, BGCS knows how important it is for hiring managers to have the right resources when they need them.  And we’re highly successful at meeting this need, especially when we are able to partner directly with hiring managers to ensure we understand their precise requirements.

We have successfully worked with large, vendor-managed programs and automated recruiting processes; however when time is of the essences to make precise matches a direct approach adds tremendous velocity to the process that delights our clients.  That is why we aspire to get to know every client personally and develop a solid understanding of his or her work environment, culture and team dynamic.  We then use this knowledge to identify consultants whose technical and interpersonal skills are directly aligned with those required for the job and work environment.

Our subject matter expertise allows us to effectively utilize an informed staffing methodology:
  • A comprehensive profile is developed for each candidate, capturing their precise skills, experience and work performance track records
  • We strive to know every client personally, and take the time to obtain an in-depth understanding of their work performance track record
  • We pinpoint the specific technical abilities, interpersonal skills and work style needed for each requirement. 

This detailed pre-work ensures we can quickly deliver candidates whose qualifications and temperament directly align with client teams and organizations.


BGCS has a refined recruitment process and an expanding pool of highly qualified candidates to ensure we’re able to quickly locate candidates that best match your requirements. 

We employ a number of proven sourcing strategies to continually attract top-notch talent:
  • Our growing database contains over 250,000+ candidates
  • We monitor all of the major job boards, as well as many other industry-specific boards
  • We use state-of-the-art web-related search engines and crawlers.
  • Our strong referral network and outstanding reputation draws seasoned professionals to us.
  • We maintain strong connections with industry associations, academic institutions and other organizations to attract skilled talent

Prior to submitting a candidate resume to you, BGCS:
  • Administers technical tests to the candidates when appropriate
  • Interviews most candidates in person
  • Conducts candidate reference and background checks
Once we’ve identified the most qualified candidates, we provide you with a resume and full synopsis of each candidate’s background, including strengths and weaknesses.


Upon receiving resumes and candidate summaries, we ask you to provide us with feedback within 24 hours. If you are interested in a candidate, we will work with you to immediately (within 24 hours) schedule an interview with the candidate.


After interviewing the candidate, we request that you give us feedback on the interview that same day, if possible. Speed is of the essence so we can either:
  • Revise our search based on your input in order to offer you more candidates, or
  • Secure the candidate you desire, if you decide to extend an offer.

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